Success Stories

Prior to joining ADC I was just a regular gym goer, turning up, randomly working out on various pieces of equipment with no real structure to what I was doing.

Looking back now with the knowledge I have gained from ADC, it’s no real surprise I was not seeing any changes.

ADC is planned in such a way that allows for progression no matter what level of fitness you are, which makes it ideal for any fitness/sports enthusiast to participate in.

I joined ADC because of this reason. the two-week free taster just confirmed to me that this is what working out should be like. Once you experience ADC you will realise what working out should be like.
Since joining I have seen huge improvements with my strength, power and speed. The fact that there is always someone to spot you, really helps you push that little bit extra.

The best thing about being part of ADC is the atmosphere and encouragement you receive from your fellow members and coaches. It gives you the confidence to go beyond where you have been before and take your fitness to another level.

If you are still unsure as to whether to try it or join up, all I can say is try it, you won’t regret it!

Simon Corke

For 20+ years I lead the sedentary life of an IT delivery consultant, staying in hotels for extended periods of time around the globe grabbing food on the go with complete disregard for what I was eating or drinking and what the long-term consequences might be. I have a fantastic family, 3 amazing children and a loving and very accommodating wife. A few years ago, No1 Son was developing a passion for mountain biking, both cycling up hill and single track down hill (think what you see in Red Bull adverts!). I had that lightbulb moment that said, if I didn’t engage with him on his level, we will drift apart and have nothing in common to talk about or stay connected through.
I came along to my first session scared, hesitant and full of self-doubt. I had to do something to change my lifestyle.
An old friend who was already a member really encouraged me to give Atlas a try. My first session was so tough that I struggled to even walk down the stairs at the end! However, with perseverance and continued encouragement from the coaches I have amazed the doctors at my annual medical assessments where they have simply asked, “How have you made such changes to your stats”! An additional and unexpected positive through my diet and exercise choices has been that I’ve been able to drop some prescribed medication with my doctor’s agreement as my body has changed so much for the positive. From not being able to do a single “sit up” when I started with Atlas to now doing back to back classes of ADC & BBC. Training alongside teenage military hopefuls and so many people from different walks of life in my late 40’s and discovering a joy in lifting weights is something I’d never have imagined a few years ago.

Setting personal goals has been a real motivation to me and Atlas encourages this through the development and testing cycles. I am now chasing all my kids both uphill and downhill on their mountain bikes on local rides and in mountain bike parks in Wales and the Lake District. I now no longer pigeon hole myself as that “Middle aged London train commuter”, but now a “FIT and 40ish” trying to improve my health and wellbeing.

The best bit about Atlas Fitness Conditioning is that it’s fully inclusive. Whether you are 16 or 60 everyone encourages each other to be the best they can. Get off the sofa, come along, do what you can, repeat trying a little bit more every time. We start as strangers but quickly become friends at Atlas.

Andrew Fox

At the time I wanted to join the military full time. I had no idea how to train for selection, I was attending training sessions at a boxing gym and running on my own at the time but with no clue about how to train properly with weights or for a specific result. I definitely didn’t feel confident to train in a commercial gym alone.

ADC looked completely different to anything I had done before, as well as challenging enough to prepare me for the military. I knew I wouldn’t train that hard alone. I am stronger but also leaner than I was when I started. Through my exposure to ADC sessions, I’ve learned a lot about how to train and it has given me a lot of confidence.

The best thing about being an ADC member is the people and the sense of community. The social aspect is what gets me to drive all the way from Eastbourne (45mins). I love the group, everyone is so friendly and supportive. Not only that but we push each other to work harder (even when Jim isn’t looking believe it or not), no one lets you get away with doing less than your best. There have been times where I have ventured off, tried other fitness groups closer to home but low and behold EVERY single time I end up crawling back to ADC because there is just nothing like it.

Join. Do it. It will change you. I promise you will look back and wonder why you ever wasted one second hesitating.

Leah Beardmore

Despite efforts to go to the gym I was unfit and unhappy with my physique. I wasn’t getting the same satisfaction of exercising that I once did and hence my efforts became lacklustre. I saw BBC on Instagram and after seeing the pride the club has in its members along with its unique training approach, I wanted to give it a go.

Like many people, I struggled to manage a good work/life balance, particularly when it came to working out. The thought of dragging myself to a gym after a long day at work was far and few and this is why BBC has had such a profound effect on my week. Regardless of how tired I think I am, I know that if I turn up with a positive attitude and get the work done, I will have done my body and mind good. The innovative programs are designed with the members in mind and as a result I have seen and physically felt the results in a short space of time.

Each session is different with something new to try, keeping the club ever advancing and evolving.

All the members also provide an outstanding community feel. I’ve never been in such a judgement free environment where the people around you genuinely support and motivate you on a day to day basis. In sessions where I’m lacking that little extra motivation, the enthusiasm from the coaches becomes the catalyst for me to push harder.

Lauren Byway

Before BBC – I was getting older and fatter, nothing dramatic just compounding over the years, not enough exercise, eating too much of the wrong things. I don’t get on with gyms, I lack motivation and discipline. A group photo showed peak me and something had to change and then Jim rocked up at Meridian BNI, a business networking group, and told us about his business and ambitions so I went for a trial, that was 4 years ago. I’ve lost 15kg of fat and now have good muscle definition on a much slimmer frame, I’ve got more energy and look forward to my twice weekly BBC sessions.

No two sessions are the same. The group is very supportive and will notice if you’re not there. We’re all on a journey, not all to the same place but support each other as we go. If you want to get fitter or need a challenge with support then BBC is for you and with the free trial you’ve got nothing to lose but fat.

Tony Baulch

I was stuck behind a desk 9-5 eating too many biscuits and lacked motivation to go to a gym before or after work, I knew it was time for a change and that is where BBC came in! Jim was so enthusiastic and so motivating in my first session that I caught the bug straight away and knew this was the exercise class for me!

I have become faster and stronger and feel I am ready now to play rugby again for the first time in 10 years! Every member of BBC has their own story to tell and they are all there to cheer you on and lend that helping hand. This isn’t an exercise class, this is a community!

George Dyer

I have tried going to the gym but found myself getting bored and not really pushing myself. And then just lacked the motivation to actually go. Recently I have found a love for running but needed something else to build up my strength and endurance.

I saw BBC advertised on Facebook and instantly knew that this was the class that I needed. It looked so much fun but also pretty hardcore so knew that it would really challenge me which is need.

Since becoming a member and doing two classes a week, in just 2 months I am already a lot stronger and faster with my running and have booked in 3 half marathons for next year which I don’t think I could do without the training I’m doing with BBC.

I love being a member of BBC. I’ve tried other exercise classes but this is by far the toughest and most fun. Each session is different so it never gets boring. Everyone is at different levels of fitness but everyone can go at their own pace and ability and no one is made to feel bad for being slower or less able then the next person. There are lots of group exercises so we all get to know each other and have lots of laughs. The coaches give lots of encouragement and really push you to your max. I always come out feeling like I couldn’t have worked any harder and that I’m going to be in real pain the next day!

Just give it a go! why wouldn’t you take advantage of the 2 week free trial? Guaranteed you will be signing up after the first class!!

Clare Denton

I can’t recall what inspired me to finally “do something about it” but I think it was new year resolutions – considering I first contacted Atlas on 1st January at 9.45am!! I remember the promo video, and thinking that it looked fun – and that a group style class would always be more appealing. I thought I would give it a go once a week at least – I never thought I’d “fit in”.

That was the first incorrect assumption of mine! Atlas and BBC has always been welcoming, whoever and whatever you are – age, size, colour, anything. It has never been a place of judgement or an “I’m better than you” club, and I believe that Jim – the head coach / owner, would never let it become that way either.

The exercises are fun, different every week – and importantly achievable for everyone, whatever your ability. It didn’t take long before one session a week became two and then three! Under no force from anyone it was an entirely personal decision – based on the results I was (and still am!) getting, the visible changes in myself, and how it was changing my mental attitude towards exercise/getting fitter/losing weight, too.

Personally I find BBC a way of life now, we have almost been members for a year, and it is just another part of my week. It really is a club, it is fun, welcoming and social too! I would never have kept up a gym membership or looked forward to going in the same way. The coaches give it their all, join in, and actually care about what they are doing. I have made new friends, and I always like to make new people feel welcome in the same way that I was, back in January.

I figure it can’t hurt to give BBC a try, especially as it’s free, why would you not?? I have lost over 3.5 stone so far and its working because I enjoy it – so it pushes me to get better. And if you do decide that BBC is right for you – then you will be welcomed by everyone, with everything they have!

Grace Blackmore

Just doing healthy(ish) just wasn’t doing enough. I weighed 172 kg and I knew that this was just too much. We started dieting but kept on slipping back to what was easy.

The happy endorphins after the first session were great. The team atmosphere and the warm welcome were great too. The WhatsApp chat encouraged us to come back. I am slimmer, fitter, healthier and now nearly 30 kg lighter. I have more energy and zest for life. The best thing about being a BBC member is the family, the vibes and new friends. If you are considering joining then you have nothing to lose, and everything to gain.

Alex Blackmore

Prior to joining ADC I had been a religious weight lifter for 10+ years and was going through the weekly grind of stereotypical cookie cutter regimes and seeing little or no improvement. I wanted to take my strength conditioning to the next level by joining an athletic development club. I had 3 main objectives when looking for a new club:
Undo any bad habits formed in the gym through years of solo training
Increase my strength and endurance and expose any weaknesses to ensure I could build a fit body from head to toe!
Meet and mingle with like minded folks – you are your environment after all!

Upon the exceptionally friendly welcome from Jim and Simon, I could see the club had great values that resonated with my own. It also struck a great balance in all modes of fitness from athletics, cross fit through to bodybuilding and agility – all areas I needed to work on to close the gaps in my holistic fitness aspirations.

Since becoming an ADC member I have noticed that my strength in all 3 core compounds has increased by 8-10% over the past 18 months and this is pretty huge given my strong existing baseline. In addition, I have perfected countless inefficiencies in my technique and been able to take these transferable knowledge skills back into my own regime.

The best thing about being an ADC member is being part of a community of like minded, positive, engaging and very friendly people who work hard and play hard!!

I would consider myself a shy introvert – the worst kind of person to step outside of their comfort zone and take on a new challenge and meet new people. I’m not going to lie, I was quite nervous when I signed up but this was instantly extinguished when I met Jim, his team and the club members. I was made to feel at home straight away and I’ve never looked back. Why not bring a friend if that helps overcome the initial barrier. What’s the worst that could happen, you meet some great people, learn some new skills and improve your wellbeing? Worth the risk! Take a tiny step outside of your comfort zone like I did and reap the benefits in a healthier, happier and stronger life.

Lewis Cleland

Athletic Development Club (ADC)

Prior to joining BBC I had two knee replacements. I needed to regain the strength and flexibility in my knees and to also improve my general fitness. My daughter, Stef told me how much she enjoyed the classes and so I decided to give BBC a go. The overall increase in my flexibility, strength and stamina has been I think amazing. The commitment, enthusiasm and sense of humor of Jim, Simon, Josh and all of the members is inspiring and infectious. I enjoy the variety of exercises, you never know what the class is going to offer.

I am regularly challenged and have never been disappointed. If you are considering joining then just come along and give it a try. Talk to some of the regulars who will share their joy of being a member of BBC. It is the best thing I have done for my fitness and health.
Brian – going strong at 70!

Brian Reoch

Better Body Club (BBC)

Jim Galvin is a truly excellent trainer. He is the perfect combination of tough and friendly, and he works with the whole person — mentally, emotionally and physically. Due of his efforts, I am stronger and faster, I have better balance and most importantly, working out has become fun. Jim’s passion and professional approach has given me confidence to play at the highest level. I recommend him without reservation.


Team GB Lacrosse Player

I have known Jim for 10 years now and in all that time I have not come across a more driven or dedicated athlete and coach. Not only has Jim helped me to reach my targets in terms of strength training for martial arts, I have smashed through them and carried on going without breaking stride! Jim provides a fully professional program tailored to my needs and he supports and pushes me to succeed at every stage. Thanks Jim!


World Martial Arts Champion

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