Athletic Development Club

‘Athlete or Military? Looking to Hit The Next Level’

If you’re a competitive sportsperson (at any level), training for a career in the military, or simply an enthusiastic gym goer, you might want to exercise in what is arguably Sussex’s most intense training group.

You want to learn to lift weights and sprint properly, in an environment that will not allow you to do anything other than progress. Whether you’re 18, or 65, we’re not elitist with performance, just work ethic. Arrive with a big smile and a big heart, and you’ll fit right in.

Where you’re at:

You like lifting weights (or would like to learn) because you love the confidence and feeling of unlimited power that being super strong gives you. You might be training to be a high level military operator, looking to improve your performance in your given sport, or just love the idea of learning to lift, sprint and move PROPERLY. You’ve either been training for years, or are new to the field, but you want to set some new PBs, rediscover your love for training and smash through the plateaus you’ve had from training on your own or with a friend.

You’d like to experience what lifting and training in a group can be like when it’s done properly, with proper coaching, support, programming and an intense environment that’ll actually push you.

The service that will suit you best is the ‘Athletic Development Club’

The “Athletic Development Club” as the name might suggesst, is a training Club that develops athletic qualities, such as speed (through mobility and sprinting mechanics training), strength (lots of weight lifting where you can finally learn correct form), and power (combining these two will mean you can throw, jump, lift, sprint and explode more effectively than ever before).

Developing these qualities is the primary reason most people go to the Gym, but there are two main reasons this could be holding you back. Firstly, so few people lift PROPERLY, either with form in a movement, or with a good, progressive program; and secondly, people who continue to train either on their own or with a friend rarely ever progress, at least nowhere near as much as they should. With ADC you’ll feel completely confident that the program we follow will help you get stronger, faster and more powerful, AND you’ll start pushing yourself harder in our sessions and enjoy the process more than you ever would on your own. Fact!

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