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Are you sick of paying for a Gym membership you hardly ever or NEVER use?

Do you know a little more regular exercise will help you look and feel better but also know you’ll NEVER do it on your own?

This is more than just an ‘exercise class’, it is a fitness community that strives to break down all the social boundaries that seem to still exist within exercise and health today. We are passionate about creating a platform and an environment where ANYONE can come along, meet some like-minded people and really FEEL like they are part of a group community, and get an amazing workout in the process.

The way we do all this, is by constantly refining and improving our unique session delivery design template, one notable part of which means most of our exercises are based around a certain time frame, as an example, if everybody has to do bodyweight squats for 30 seconds, some people might be able to so 30, some people might only be able to do 3, it doesn’t matter! And because of this approach it’s completely scalable.

In addition to all that, we’ve got a 5 and a half thousand square foot facility, an abundance of great fun equipment we teach our members how to use, AND, to make sure everyone gets the most attention and support possible during their time with us, we have between 3 and 5 coaches on the training floor at any one time in BBC.

Take Your Training Seriously & Want To Get A LOT Stronger?

Want to develop your strength, functional fitness and physique?

Do you LOVE training but feel like you’re stuck in a rut?

Are you sick of getting slow (if any) results in the gym

Our ADC members will discover what it means to be “Real Functional Athlete,” combining strength, power & strongman, and functional bodybuilding exercises all in one place. Members get STRONGER, FASTER & more POWERFUL in all movements, whilst developing a really strong, athletic physique.

One common misconception about the Club is that you have to be an athlete or training at an elite level to join. This is just not true! On the contrary, breaking down the social expectations of who should exercise with who and in what way because of current ability level, age and gender is EXACTLY the reason we founded the Club in the first place!

Here is What my Clients Are Saying.

Prior to joining ADC I had been a religious weight lifter for 10+ years and was going through the weekly grind of stereotypical cookie cutter regimes and seeing little or no improvement. I wanted to take my strength conditioning to the next level by joining an athletic development club. I had 3 main objectives when looking for a new club:
Undo any bad habits formed in the gym through years of solo training
Increase my strength and endurance and expose any weaknesses to ensure I could build a fit body from head to toe!
Meet and mingle with like minded folks – you are your environment after all!

Upon the exceptionally friendly welcome from Jim and Simon, I could see the club had great values that resonated with my own. It also struck a great balance in all modes of fitness from athletics, cross fit through to bodybuilding and agility – all areas I needed to work on to close the gaps in my holistic fitness aspirations.

Since becoming an ADC member I have noticed that my strength in all 3 core compounds has increased by 8-10% over the past 18 months and this is pretty huge given my strong existing baseline. In addition, I have perfected countless inefficiencies in my technique and been able to take these transferable knowledge skills back into my own regime.

The best thing about being an ADC member is being part of a community of like minded, positive, engaging and very friendly people who work hard and play hard!!

I would consider myself a shy introvert – the worst kind of person to step outside of their comfort zone and take on a new challenge and meet new people. I’m not going to lie, I was quite nervous when I signed up but this was instantly extinguished when I met Jim, his team and the club members. I was made to feel at home straight away and I’ve never looked back. Why not bring a friend if that helps overcome the initial barrier. What’s the worst that could happen, you meet some great people, learn some new skills and improve your wellbeing? Worth the risk! Take a tiny step outside of your comfort zone like I did and reap the benefits in a healthier, happier and stronger life.

Lewis Cleland

Athletic Development Club (ADC)

I can’t recall what inspired me to finally “do something about it” but I think it was new year resolutions – considering I first contacted Atlas on 1st January at 9.45am!! I remember the promo video, and thinking that it looked fun – and that a group style class would always be more appealing. I thought I would give it a go once a week at least – I never thought I’d “fit in”.

That was the first incorrect assumption of mine! Atlas and BBC has always been welcoming, whoever and whatever you are – age, size, colour, anything. It has never been a place of judgement or an “I’m better than you” club, and I believe that Jim – the head coach / owner, would never let it become that way either.

The exercises are fun, different every week – and importantly achievable for everyone, whatever your ability. It didn’t take long before one session a week became two and then three! Under no force from anyone it was an entirely personal decision – based on the results I was (and still am!) getting, the visible changes in myself, and how it was changing my mental attitude towards exercise/getting fitter/losing weight, too.

Personally I find BBC a way of life now, we have almost been members for a year, and it is just another part of my week. It really is a club, it is fun, welcoming and social too! I would never have kept up a gym membership or looked forward to going in the same way. The coaches give it their all, join in, and actually care about what they are doing. I have made new friends, and I always like to make new people feel welcome in the same way that I was, back in January.

I figure it can’t hurt to give BBC a try, especially as it’s free, why would you not?? I have lost over 3.5 stone so far and its working because I enjoy it – so it pushes me to get better. And if you do decide that BBC is right for you – then you will be welcomed by everyone, with everything they have!

Grace Blackmore

Claim Your FREE ATLAS 2 Week Unlimited Class Pass
Simply click on the button below and enter your details to receive your free pass and consultation.