Better Body Club

‘I like the idea of training but often find it boring and lonely. I want to train in a way that is fun and social.’

If you hit the gym every day, or haven’t exercised in years, it doesn’t matter. You want to exercise in an environment that is non-judgmental, friendly, and has a system that can challenge everyone equally, regardless of whether or not you’re an 18 year old footballer, or a 67 year old Grandmother.

You want to lead a healthier, more active lifestyle, look better, feel better, and meet new friends in the process, and potentially for the first time in your life, enjoy the journey of ‘getting in shape’, and finally staying there!

Where you’re at:

For you, the issues with ‘getting fit’ (and definitely with staying there) are that fitness is boring right! Boring and lonely. And if you find a way of making it fun, it doesn’t last long. You may have been struggling with training for years, or you might be really nervous about getting going again as you haven’t been for a run since school! But lack or knowledge and fear of judgement have prevented you from getting the results you want, and enjoying the benefits that a healthy, active lifestyle always offers.

You’d like to exercise in a friendly, welcoming, non-judgmental environment where the emphasis is not only on results, but on ensuring the process of getting you where you want to be is as fun, light-hearted and social as it can be!

The service that will suit you best is the ‘Better Body Club’

The Better Body Club is an Indoor based Fitness Class in East Grinstead, where, because of a unique session structure, it caters to an incredibly wide range of people, regardless of age, gender or current ability.

The accountability of set session timings will ensure you get out of your own way and stop talking yourself out of the gym or run with the age declaration of: ‘Today is turning out to be really busy, I think I’ll go tomorrow’. And with the constantly humourous and engaging style, and the great new friends you’ll make along the way, the last thing you’ll want to do is miss a session!

Combining this accountability, proper instruction, unique session structure and new buddies, you’ll finally get the results you’ve been looking for, and start to look better, feel better, and perform better in every area of your life.

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