Who is Atlas For?

So as eluded to in the Interview with Jim section, the Better Body Club is designed for everyone. But I thought I’d write down a few basic profiles of some of the clients that find the club extra helpful.

Stressed out parents

Whether your little ones have just recently joined us, or are a bit older and actually not that little anymore, being a parent can take its toll on the body and mind, that’s where we come in. Why not get out of the house for an hour, meet some new people, and blow off some steam at the Better Body Club, East Grinstead. Exercise in a gym can be boring and monotonous, which is why we offer a FREE Two Week Unlimited Pass for everyone so that people can come along, see what we do, and meet the other members.

Busy business people / Commuters

We all want to keep fit and in shape, but the last thing any commuter wants to do after working all day is go to the gym alone and sit on an exercise bike for an hour, (even if it’s in a spin class). Enter Better Body Club, and the fun, welcoming and non-judgmental environment enjoyed by all of our members. Meeting new friends and letting out some pent up aggression on a slam ball (just picture your bosses head) will leave you feeling refreshed and exhilarated, and allow you to once again fall in love with exercise and health, and the MANY benefits it brings.

Gym Goers who are looking for a new routine

Even if you’re a regular gym goer, athlete, Body-Pump-aholic, or absolute fitness ninja, Better Body Club will keep you motivated and inspired with some new and exciting circuits and movements not often completed in everyday gyms. Regardless of fitness level, we all know training in a group is more fun, and with our new drag sled, slam balls and battle ropes, it’s more fun and exciting than ever.

If none of these profiles fit your description, then don’t worry – that’s why ATLAS Fitness Conditioning offer a FREE Two Week Unlimited Pass – to allow everybody to experience the environment and kind of stuff we do firsthand without having to pay a penny, to see if it’s something they’ll enjoy longer term. So why not claim your FREE Pass NOW… seriously guys, it’s FREE!

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