Join East Grinstead’s TOP Fitness Club

Are you sick of paying for a Gym membership you hardly ever or NEVER use?

Do you know a little more regular exercise will help you look and feel better but also know you’ll NEVER do it on your own?

Want to HAVE FUN whilst getting fit with others just like you?

This is more than just an ‘exercise class’, it is a fitness community that strives to break down all the social boundaries that seem to still exist within exercise and health today. We are passionate about creating a platform and an environment where ANYONE can come along, meet some like-minded people and really FEEL like they are part of a group community, and get an amazing workout in the process.

The way we do all this, is by constantly refining and improving our unique session delivery design template, one notable part of which means most of our exercises are based around a certain time frame, as an example, if everybody has to do bodyweight squats for 30 seconds, some people might be able to so 30, some people might only be able to do 3, it doesn’t matter! And because of this approach it’s completely scalable.

In addition to all that, we’ve got a 5 and a half thousand square foot facility, an abundance of great fun equipment we teach our members how to use, AND, to make sure everyone gets the most attention and support possible during their time with us, we have between 3 and 5 coaches on the training floor at any one time in BBC.

East Grinstead’s Top Fitness Club is designed for people who want to build a great foundation of strength, fitness and health, have a laugh with like minded people, all while in a safe and supportive environment!

In our 2 week free trial you will:

  • Have constant support from our team, so if you are unsure of anything you can simply ask
  • Instruction on how to use all of our great fun fitness equipment
  • Be part of a friendly, supportive and welcoming community. Where we all pull together to help each other out
  • Be in a fitness environment that not only pushes you but is fun as well
  • FINALLY get in the shape you’ve be wanting to FOREVER

We are confident you will enjoy our sessions, team and community so much you won’t want to leave. That’s why we let you try it out for free for 2 weeks.

To claim your 2 week BBC trial membership FREE, simply click on the button below and enter your details.

Have any questions? Please reach out to us here and we will be happy to help.