An Interview With Jim

Let me answer some of the questions you may have

Q1: Who is the Better Body Club designed for?

EVERYBODY, regardless of age, gender, shape, size or current ability! I design every session to include whole-body exercises and movements that will burn fat, build strength and are always creative and enjoyable. So regardless of whether you’re a 20 something athlete, or a middle aged busy Mum / business person, Better Body Club will get you working hard and quickly experiencing the benefits of exercise and improved health that everybody can enjoy.

Q2. What makes you and Better Body Club so different from other Bootcamps / fitness classes?

Lets be honest, there are a lot of Bootcamps / group fitness classes around these days. But a fair few Better Body Club members have come and joined us because they say the training they did at their previous gyms / classes can get boring and repetitive very quickly. Since Better Body Club begun in July 2014, I am constantly introducing new exercises, new ideas, new equipment, and new ways to Get Fit, Have Fun, and Feel Great .

Q3: What results can I expect?

The benefits of improving your health and fitness are endless. But here’s a few:

  • Feel confident and happy in yourself again.
  • Fit your clothes again and feel great looking in the mirror
  • Feel like you have found YOU again
  • Better quality of sleep
  • Increased energy throughout the day, no more crashes at work
  • Lose weight
  • Build strength – everyday tasks will start to feel easier
  • Wake up feeling energised
  • Become educated on food and lifestyle that work for YOUR body

Q4: Do I have to attend all 3 sessions?

Not at all. There are 3 ways to become part of our team.

  1. Sign up to the UNLIMITED package entitling you to all 3 sessions throughout the week.
  2. Sign up to a 2 session a week package.
  3. Sign up to a 1 session a week package

Q5: What will happen if I’m not as ‘fit’ as some of the other members?

That’s absolutely fine. As most of the exercises are completed for a certain amount of time, just do what you can do. So say we’re doing an exercise for 45 seconds. Some of the fitter members may be able to complete 35 reps of a given exercise. If you can only complete 10, then as long as you’re pushing yourself, you’re getting just as much of a benefit as the other person. EVERYBODY WINS.

Q6: How quickly can I expect results?

In regards to weight loss, it very much depends of your current diet as well (an element on which I’m of course willing to help with). But with regards to FEELING better, increased concentration, more energy etc, and performance within the class, members usually experience the benefits as quickly as a week or so after starting.

Q7: Can I just do Pay As You Go?

Unfortunately not. All information on payment plans can found in the answer the Q.4.

Q8: OK, I think I am ready but I have some more questions, can I contact you?

Absolutely! If there’s any questions I haven’t answered here, feel free to phone or email me anytime throughout the week. My contact details are available on the ‘Contact Us’ Page.

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