I don’t publicise too regularly my involvement with HERBALIFE NUTRITION, not because I’m ashamed or I think I’ll lose followers, far from it in fact. I just don’t think it’s relevant when talking about the growth of my local Bootcamp venture here in Sussex, England, about skinny calves not being the end of the World, or about what ‘Functional Training’ means these days. It is, however, something I’m increasingly proud of.

I recently discovered (more like acknowledged, I had the energy of a 120 year old man) that I’d been suffering for a while from adrenal fatigue, a few long terms injuries, and a lot of stress from personal and family life, all in conjunction with trying to start a new business in a new industry in a new town! Needless to say, it was a tough and really quite humbling experience to realise my regularly adopted ‘bloody mindedness’ (no doubt developed in the Royal Marines) wasn’t always the best attitude option. Sometimes you have to acknowledge you’re unwell and just chill the hell out for bit!

Following on from this realisation a few months ago, I rested and relaxed (as much as possible when running a fledgling business) and felt slightly better, and even when I did experience a minor increase in energy, it was inconsistent and didn’t last long. So I decided to start practicing what I preach a bit more and invest in myself (something I tell my clients and Athletes to do regularly) and after getting a food allergy test from my Dr., I found out that the HERBALIFE products I was taking were the only ones working for me! From a collection of about 22 Supplements of various brands, it turned out only 5 were actually working with my body to elicit a positive effect – 4 being HERBALIFE, and the other, quite surprisingly to me, was a Creatine product from Holland and Barrett (so fair play H&B). So I began to trust HERBALIFE more than I ever have before and invest solely from them. A mere 5 weeks later and I genuinely feel amazing guys!

I’ve got more energy, dropped body fat, maintained muscle, and I just FEEL HEALTHY.

The photo here is to show that, contrary to some nuggets in the Fitness Industry, we as HERBALIFE Wellness Coaches / Clients do actually eat food smile emoticon.

HERBALIFE Nutrition as a Company promotes a healthy, active lifestyle. This is inclusive of Balanced Nutrition, World Class Products, and regular exercise….. simple as that people.

This is NOT a sales pitch, this is just me taking an opportunity to tell you all why I do what I do, and why I have alligned myself, now wholeheartedly, with this Product Range, a range I believe to be the best best in the World, bar none.

Lets be honest, most of my Articles are based around the concept of moving out of judgement in this industry, being willing to try new things, and having a strong enough conviction to stick, often publicly, to the methods, guidelines and products that work for you. So this is me attempting to do exactly that smile emoticon.

I hope you’re all enjoying your week so far, and I will definitely be sharing more information on training, nutrition, supplementation and mindset before too long. So have a great day ATLAS Fans… and watch this space wink emoticon.photo(17)